Torque Tools

We sell, service, calibrate and hire a wide range of hydraulic, pneumatic and hand torque tools.

Torque tools are used across a broad range of industrial applications and industry sectors, in particular Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Renewables and Heavy Engineering. When one considers the myriad of noxious, poisonous and potentially environmentally damaging liquids and gases contained in process plant and pipelines, it isn’t difficult to appreciate just how important avoiding leaking joints is.

Torque is the measured amount of twisting force applied to a nut and bolt which will ultimately result in residual bolt load and a leak free tight joint. Torque can be applied using hand wrenches, as well as tools powered electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically.

We can provide an extensive range of manual and powered torque tools to suit every application. Not sure which tool is best? Our experienced application engineers can ensure you get the right tools for the job, every time.

The benefits

  • A broad range of tools available
  • Manual and powered tools
  • Application advice available